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Interphalangeal Joint Arthritis

Hand Surgery

Interphalangeal Joint Arthritis

About Interphalangeal Joint Arthritis

What is it?

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints.

The most commonly affected joints are fingers’ distal joints.

Inflammation wears cartilage surface which becomes rough and uneven thus causing finger axis deviation.

Among the most common causes:

- Unknown origin
- Joints ageing
- Rheumatoid arthritis

What are the symptoms?

- Small bulges at the distal articulation
- Swelling Deformity
- Stiffness and difficulty moving hand, especially in the morning

They can be completely silent.

How is it treated?

Initially, conservative treatment is recommended including drugs and corticosteroids infiltration. In cases where the pain is severe or the deformity becomes an aesthetic problem, joint fusion surgery is performed, through small digital incisions under local anesthesia. Subsequently, physiotherapy is recommended to promote healing. In some cases, patient needs to wear a brace for 21 days.

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