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About Dermatosurgery

Outpatient surgery for small skin benign and malignant neoformation (cysts, lipomas, xanthelasmata, scars, benign and malignant tumors)

Dermatosurgery is a branch of plastic surgery that deals with the removal of skin growths, both benign and malignant, stains and unsightly scars.

The higher percentage of operations is performed on an outpatient basis and includes the removal of the lesion and the relevant reconstruction that can be immediate, by "first intention" closing with the use of reconstructive plastic surgery techniques, or by “second intention" with advanced dressings aids.

Basically, skin lesions may be divided into three broad categories:

- Benign
- Malignant
- Precancerous

Malignant and precancerous lesions require surgical exeresis, while benign lesions are often removed for aesthetic purposes.

Assuming that a correct diagnosis is only achieved with the definitive histological examination, any neoformation needs to be removed with a correct surgical margin t to ensure a radical exeresis. Incision lines are carried out along the " Langer lines" (areas of lower skin tension) to ensure an unvisible scar and hide it in physiological skin folds.

As dermatosurgery has a broad spectrum of action, the best thing to do is to take an appointment with a specialist for proper counselling.

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