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Synovial Cyst

Hand Surgery

Synovial Cyst

About Synovial Cyst

What is it?

It is one of the most common causes of hand and wrist swelling. It contains clear and gelatinous fluid that is normally present as a lubricant in joints and tendons tunnel. When there is inflammation and/or a joint disease, this fluid is produced in excess and forms a cyst (container) Among the most common causes:

- Unknown origin
- Excessive exertion compared to muscle tone
- Hand traumas – even slight
- Exertion due to manual work (gardening, carpentry, etc..)
- Exertion due to sporting activities

What are the symptoms?

- Tiny, painful "balls" at the base of the fingers and/or in the wrist
- Wrist pain
- Tingling
- Difficulty moving the hand, especially in the morning

They may be completely silent

How is it treated?

Initially, conservative treatment is recommended, including physiokinesiotherapy and corticoids infiltrations In cases where the pain is severe, surgical excision of cysts is peformed through small incisions in the wrist or fingers under local anesthesia. Subsequently, physiotherapy is recommended to promote healing. In some cases, it is necessary to wear a brace for 21 days.

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